Transitional Care

Ensuring a Smooth and Comfortable Recovery

Patients who are in the process of moving from one health care environment to another between different teams of care providers regularly need adequate transitional care to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery.

Transitional Health Care in Statesboro, GA

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Professional Transitional Care

At Beyond Health Group, we’re experts in providing exceptional transitional care to clients who are moving from the hospital environment into the comfort and independence of their own home. We can work directly with the discharge team at the hospital to ensure you’re fully prepared for safe, healthy living in your new environment.

Transitioning from one health care environment to another can often be a critical period in a patient’s well-being.

If educational instructions or medications are poorly communicated to patients and family members, or if there is an incomplete transfer of medical records from one caregiver to another, the patient’s physical, mental, or emotional health may suffer. Moving from a hospital to a home can also leave patients and their family members with limited access to medical resources and essential services, but professional transitional care from Beyond Health Group can eliminate these gaps and provide clients with a safe, secure, and informed hospitalization discharge.